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Frogg Toggs Technology


Frogg toggs® Classic Material

Dri PoreClassic material is the waterproof technology on which frogg toggs® was founded. This unique technology is constructed with a patented process of three layers of a nonwoven polypropylene material with a center layer of

micro-porous film. Because the pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, moisture cannot penetrate yet it breathes extremely well. Truly the Technology 2best lightweight rainwear available and since it is composed of polypropylene the suits can actually be recycled. Over the past 10 plus years Frogg Toggs have continued to improve this technology first through the introduction of our DriPore™ technology which provided improved waterproof performance as well as wind resistant characteristics of the material. They also worked on the durability and performance of our suit construction through the development of their Frogg Fold™ seam technology which offers increased seam strength without increased weight, and waterproof taping insures that all seams keep you completely dry. They have also increased durability through the introduction or our Classic50™ and Classic75™ weight material which maintains the lightweight characteristics of our Classic suits but with increased durability and brilliant depth of color. The Classic technology is available in a variety of styles designed to fit your lifestyle.


ToadSkinz™ Technology

ToadSkinzAt frogg toggs® their commitment to providing customers the best in affordable innovative rainwear technology is taken seriously. They commit countless hours of time in both product development and in the field testing to make sure they are staying ahead. It is through this commitment they have developed the newest breakthrough in rainwear technology-ToadSkinz™. ToadSkinz technology is a newly developed hybrid fabric that was engineered by the frogg toggs® research team. This unique new material has the look and feel of a traditional polyester rain suit but with a non - woven inner layer that provides the comfort and performance that frogg toggs® is famous for. It incorporates the DriPore™ technology which provides guaranteed water proof and wind proof performance in a lightweight garment with great breathability. This technology is offered exclusively through the Toadz™ product line.


Frogg Eyzz™

Frogg Eyzzfrogg toggs® designs their outwear to fit your lifestyle and so they know that when in your are out in that rainy foggy weather sometimes not only do you need to make sure you stay dry but also you need to be seen. They developed Frogg Eyzz™ reflective technology for just that reason. Frogg Toggs has developed a unique process of integrating reflective material into our suits without impacting the waterproof performance. This reflective surface provides increased visibility and safety for you and is offered in a variety of styles.


C3 DRIPORE Technology

DriPorefrogg toggs® has expanded its commitment to providing the latest in affordable waterproof technology into a line of wader products. They have developed a line of breathable waders that feature the C3 DriPore™ technology. This technology provides the ultimate in submersible waterproof material that is lightweight and provides a high level of breathability all at an affordable price. C3 DriPore performance can stand up to the test against any of the high priced brands. This technology can be found in a variety of wader styles which are designed to meet your needs.

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